Hi guys n' gals! My name is Stevie, most of you will have heard of me, but for those who haven't then let me introduce myself. I am a 100% foreigner living and doing business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. English is my mother-tongue so communications will not be an issue ;-)

 My goal is to provide a service second to none for foreigners when it comes to buying a bike in Vietnam.

 Whether you are looking for a cheap but reliable runaround, or a presentable high class motorcycle / scooter, at Stevie's Garage we have them all!

 Stevie's Garage buys, sells, services, modifies motorbikes and scooters. All bikes sold at Stevie's Garage will also come with an arguement free warranty for the buyers' peace of mind.

 I know how frustrating it feels to be a foreigner living in Vietnam, it seems everything you buy there is always a catch or the seller is ripping you off because you are a foreigner! It really is frustrating! That's why I am successful, I don't overcharge, in fact my prices are on par with private sale prices (if not lower) so why would anyone need to take the risk buying private when they can buy from a reputable garage and get a warranty with their purchase. Nothing worse than trying to buy / sell / repair a motorcycle when a garage has no English speaking staff, well you won't face this problem with Stevie's Garage!

 So whether you need an English speaking mechanic, want to modify your motorbike, want to sell your motorbike, or would like to buy a motorbike / scooter... Stevie's Garage should be your first and last stop !

 Excellent reviews on facebook, tripadvisor, and very well known within the expat community in Saigon, Vietnam.

 Stevie's Garage is a major supplier to all the smaller garages throughout Vietnam, from Ho chi Minh all the way up to Hanoi. Stevie's Garage not only supplies to other garages, we sell to expats, travellers and locals too.

 Before you consider buying privately or from a smaller non-licensed garage (most small garages are not registered to buy/sell, they are only registered as a repair shop) you should know that the new law (effective from 1/1/17) requires you to "prove" you are the owner of the bike. Alot of foreigners (and some locals) still think being in possession of the "bluecard" proves you are the wrong! Just think about it, if you left the bluecard in the storage compartment of your bike, I stole your bike along with the bluecard, that means I am the "owner"? Doesn't make sense does it? You either need "your name" on the bluecard, or a stamped company invoice from "licensed garage" to "prove" you are the owner.

 Will your bike be confiscated if you cannot prove "ownership"? By law...yes, but many expats will argue with me on this one, saying just speak English, pay bribe and the police will let you go etc. Well...yes, if police don't want to go through all the paperwork etc and would rather have a quick $10 bribe, then...yes! But there's always that risk that they play by the rules, or their superiors are standing beside them etc so cannot accept bribes. Is this a chance you are willing to risk?

 Another scenario is, say you bought a bike privately then "lost" the bluecard, "who" is entitled to apply for a new bluecard? The "legal owner" correct? So how would "you" go about applying for a new bluecard then?...impossible! When you buy a bike from Stevie's Garage, every bike we sell is registered to our garage on police database, therefore if our customer loses bluecard we can legally apply for a re-issue of the bluecard for customers' bike.

 Our daytime main branch is located in middle of Ho Chi Minh City, 5mins from airport, 15mins from D1, 15mins from D2, 30mins from D7.

 Our evening branch is located in District 2, the expat district of Ho Chi Minh City, 5mins from D1


HOTLINE: 0-8282-368-33

(Call, sms, Viber, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line)

Customer Satisfaction is our Highest Priority

Customer Satisfaction is our Highest Priority

Stevie's Garage Enterprise

"one-stop bike-shop"



Stevie's Garage Thao Dien  NOW OPEN  too !

Why buy elsewhere when you can buy from the BEST !!!

A motorbike to suit everyones' needs !!!

Most famous garage enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam !!!









Hotline 1: +84 (0) 8282-368-33

Hotline 2: +84 (0) 39-88-3030-9

Satisfied Customers From Our Thao Dien Evening Branch

Satisfied Customers From Our Other Branches

Just arrived in Vietnam?

Want to buy a legal 2nd hand bike?

Too often do foreigners try to be smarter than the locals, I witness it every single day!

My name is Stevie, owner of Stevie's Garage in HCM City, the largest 2nd hand bike dealer in Vietnam.

I often get foreigners contact me before they arrive in Vietnam, spend hours chatting with them, letting them into my local knowledge of bikes, prices, reliabilty etc. Most of them are nice and will contact me when they arrive, but very often (I would like to say OCCASIONALLY but this is not the case, it happens VERY often) you get one that thinks they have "pulled one over on you" ie now know all the local prices and which bikes to stay away from etc. so will "bypass" you and save a few dollars.

Well well...

They're not really as smart as they think they are!

Why not to buy private? Why not to buy from small unregistered dealers?...

1. Generally speaking, foreigners cannot register the bike in their own name (yes it is possible if u own a foreign investment company etc. but theoretically speaking it is not possible), so there is no way of you knowing if the bike is legal or not.

2. "yes but it comes with bluecard" (bluecard is the registration document) There are plenty of fake bluecards out there!

3. "yes but bluecard is real, has hologram etc" Bluecard is real, but is it for that actual bike!?

4. "yes bluecard is real and all the serial numbers match the bike" OK so bluecard matches bike, but how do you know police are not searching for that bike because it was involved in something illegal? How do you know the bike was not stolen along with the bluecard?

5. Buy private or small dealer you will not have warranty. Of course they will say anything to close the deal, 3 or 6 month warranty even, but I bet they don't even own a screwdriver let alone powertools.

6. If something happens, you mis-park bike or whatever, and police confiscate bike, how are YOU gonna get it back if YOU are NOT the REGISTERED OWNER???

7. Worse scenario, if bike is illegal for whatever reason, ie involved in "hit n run" or whatever, and police stop YOU, do you honestly think you are just gonna walk away from the situation, or do you think you will be arrested whilst it is being investigated?

8. "I don't need the bike to transferred to my name anyway" There is a difference between you needing, and whether the bike can or can't be transferred. Ask to see the transfer papers of the bike to the small garage you are dealing with (notorised from original registered owner to the garage). Also ask to see his full business license. I bet they can't provide either! (a proper buy/sell license, not just a mechanic workshop license). Which only means one thing, the bike is NOT legally registered to that garage, and the garage is NOT registered either.


All bikes throughout the Stevie's Garage branches come with warranty, and are repaired on site whilst you watch.

We actually DO own tools.

All bikes throughout the Stevie's Garage branches are registered on police database as belonging to garage. If customer gets bike confiscated for whatever reason, police will immediately contact Stevie's Garage and we are entitled to get the bike back from police impound as bike is all legal and registered to us on the police database. We have a full garage license, unlike most small garages.

Whether you NEED the bike transferred to your name or not (in a foreigners case, usually not), Stevie's Garage CAN transfer the ownership, which PROVES that all our bikes are LEGAL. We have NOTHING TO HIDE, 100% REGISTERED and LEGAL business.

So for those "smart people" who think they can save $20-$50 going "private", have another think!

Is the risk of being arrested, deported, hassled, chased by cops, REALLY WORTH the $20 saving? (you're NOT saving anyway as you don't get any warranty!)

Thanks for reading


Thanks to all the "smart ones" who think they have "pulled one over me" by wasting hours of my time extracting knowledge from me, then going private to SAVE a few bucks. Let's see how smart a move that really was :-)


Stevie's Garage


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